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Our campaigns

Gleaning Network EU

Intro Gleaning Network EU aims to bring together and support a number of existing gleaning projects within several EU countries, and to understand the opportunities and challenges to further catalysing gleaning movements across Europe. Gleaning Network EU is part of the FUSIONS programme, which is funded by the European Commission. The project is being lead […]

Feeding the 5000

Feeding the 5000 is our flagship campaigning event, a fabulous celebratory feast drawing attention to the amount of edible food thrown away.

The Pig Idea

The Pig Idea is a campaign that aims to encourage the use of food waste to feed pigs.


“ A world in which all people are sustained on an equitable basis whilst safeguarding the natural environment. ”

Food waste is one element in a wider picture.

The purpose of dramatically reducing food waste is to contribute to wider environmental and social aims shared by many in the environmental sector and beyond. Our contribution to creating this vision is to work towards halving global food waste by 2025.

We want to create a world in which:

Deforestation is halted and biodiversity is protected and cherished
Man-made climate change is kept within 2°C
Society is empowered to enact the solutions to the world's environmental problems
An effective and equitable global land use plan is adhered to by national governments
Global food production is sustainable, healthy, fair and ecological
1 billion people are lifted out of hunger and everyone has enough to eat

“ To catalyse the global movement against the problem of food waste by inspiring and empowering people to enact positive solutions to it ”

24,778 and counting!