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Campaign Volunteers

We rely on volunteer power to pull off all our celebratory and fun events. We offer a great opportunity to directly address the global food waste challenge, while having fun and meeting other like-minded people.

From food feasts to gleaning farmers’ fields, Feedback is a dynamic organisation with a host of volunteer opportunities. Please get in touch directly with the campaigns below.


Feedback is the umbrella for our three main campaigns: Feeding the 5000, the Gleaning Network UK and The Pig Idea

Keen to help out here? Please get in touch by sending an email to [email protected]


Feeding the 5000

Feeding the 5000 is our flagship campaigning event, a fabulous celebratory feast drawing attention to the amount of edible food thrown away.

Interested in volunteering at our delicious, fun-filled food fests? If so, please email [email protected] Remember to include your location and any specific skills or interests.


We rely on amazing volunteers to assist in building the movement. To help make our events happen, sign up to Volunteer at one of our US events this Fall


Gleaning Network UK

The Gleaning Network UK is revitalising the ancient practise of gleaning, collecting leftover crops from farmers’ fields after harvest. We work across the UK and are currently expanding into Europe.

Are you an individual and want to become a modern day gleaner? Fill in this form and we will let you know when there’s a gleaning day near you.

Or are you a farmer with surplus produce or a redistribution charity and want to become part of Gleaning Network UK? Or do you have an enquiry about the Gleaning Network UK? Get in touch with Martin at: [email protected]


The Pig Idea

The Pig Idea is a campaign that aims to encourage the use of food waste for feeding pigs.

Are you interested in helping to get pigs at the forefront of the next food recycling revolution? Get in touch with us here: thepigidea.org