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The Gleaning Network coordinates volunteers, farmers and food redistribution charities to salvage the thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on farms every year across the UK and Europe, and direct this fresh, nutritious food to people in need. We also research and raise awareness about the scale of food waste on UK farms, and campaign for an end to this scandalous waste!

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In January 2016, Feedback’s Gleaning Network began an important partnership with FoodCycle. From Farm to Fork will train and empower young people (18-24) to tackle food waste and address social isolation. It is one of 31 UK projects within Our Bright Future: a forward-thinking social movement that supports young people to lead progressive change in their communities and local environment.

Gleaning Network UK

Brassica gleaning 8Gleaning Network UK is fast expanding to become a nationwide project. From our start in 2012 to the end of 2016, the Gleaning Network gleaned 288 tonnes of produce – equal to more than 3 million portions of fruit and veg – with over 1,500 volunteers across 154 gleaning days. We already have hubs in London, Kent, Sussex, the North West (Lancashire & Merseyside), West England (from Warwickshire to Bristol) and East England (Cambs, South Lincs and Norfolk).

Over the next few years we’ll be bringing gleaning to further corners of the UK, and ramping up our campaign to end food waste on farms! Feedback have also been helping spread gleaning throughout Europe – click here to read more about Gleaning Network EU.

Get Involved – Volunteers

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Are you an individual or group and want to become a modern day gleaner?

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In the press

Al Jazeera Gleaning stillGleaning Network UK has received widespread media coverage, including:

The Guardian (2013)
BBC Radio 4’s The Food Programme
BBC News
The Big Issue
The Guardian (2015)
The Guardian (video)
The Evening Standard
Huffington Post

As well as numerous features on local TV and radio for BBC and ITV amongst others. If you’re interested in covering Gleaning Network UK, or sending reporters to any of our gleaning days, please get in touch for press releases, photos and enquiries, at

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Leek gleaning 4Are you a farmer with surplus produce? Click here for more info on how the Gleaning Network can help you redistribute your surplus crop to charity.

If you’re interested in hosting a gleaning day, or for more info, please get in touch with Martin at [email protected]



Staggering facts about food waste on farms

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Every year, millions of fruit and vegetables are wasted on farms, often because they are perfectly delicious and nutritious but considered the wrong size, shape or colour by supermarkets. You can find a fantastic gallery of wonky vegetables on the Guardian website. Watch Intermarche’s video about their radical expansion of “wonky” fruit and veg in their supermarkets in France. We’re calling on UK supermarkets to do the same! There’s been some progress – for instance Asda, Morrisons and Tesco have made some changes following pressure. But there’s still a long way to go!

We also want to tackle unfair trading practices in the supply chain, where the risk for food waste gets dumped by supermarket policy onto farmers. Check out our Stop Dumping campaign, with research into UK and international farmers’ experiences, and sign our Avaaz petition which has over 1 million signatures!

Cauliflower gleaning2For a bit more detail about food waste on farms, check out these great reports from WRAP (UK), WRAP’s Product Sustainability Forum and the NRDC (US). Tesco have also released some data on their supply chain food waste.

To show the potential of gleaning in the UK, you just have to look at more established gleaning networks around the world. Check out the amazing Society of St Andrews in the US, who have saved more than 164 million pounds of food for America’s hungry since 1988, with over 400,000 volunteers

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