• Work experience at Feedback HQ

    Amy Smith spent a week at Feedback HQ, here are her thoughts;   From the ages of 5 to my early adolescent years I was told by mum to stop wasting my food and to “eat everything” on my plate. Now at the age of 19 and on the verge of being an adult, it’s […]

  • Show cauliflowers some love!

    Feedback’s work was featured in the Sunday Times this week, exposing a colossal number of cauliflower going to waste on British farms. Geoff, one of our farming partners, spoke to the press about nearly a hundred thousand cauliflowers going to waste on his farm after his buyer dramatically reduced their order at the same time […]

  • Why we need to think beyond the bin to solve global food waste

    At Feedback, we have always argued that the scandal of food waste goes far beyond what consumers throw in their bin (see our founder’s TED talk from 2012). Our inefficient food system churns out mountains of food waste, many of which is lost along the food supply chain before ever reaching supermarket shelves. A new study […]

  • Campaign win – standardised date labels!

    In 2016 we brought our flagship campaign Feeding the 5000 to America, catalyzing the US food waste movement and sparking a desire to change the broken food system. Our number one ask at our events in the USA was immediate industry-led date label standardisation. This week we had a massive campaign win! Two major trade associations; […]

  • Introducing our new Executive Director

    We’re delighted to announce that our new Executive Director will shortly be joining us. Carina Millstone will join the Feedback team on 20 March. Carina replaces co-founder Niki Charalampopoulou as Executive Director, though Niki will remain with Feedback in an advisory and ambassadorial capacity. We send Niki off on her next adventures with peas, love and gratitude and we […]

  • Feedback calls on supermarkets to cut food waste

    We wrote an article for the Guardian on what supermarkets should be doing to reduce food waste. Read below; As public outrage over food waste grows, almost every British supermarket has responded to consumer pressure and linked up with food redistribution organisations such as FareShare and Foodcycle. But while good practice is emerging, supermarkets’ work […]

  • Big supermarkets give evidence to committee of MPs on food waste – Feedback comment

    Today, the big supermarkets give evidence to MPs on their food waste. We urge MPs to ask the supermarkets the obvious question: how much food do you actually waste? How does that break down across different product groups? And how much is wasted in your supply chain? Supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose and Morrisons have […]

  • Cycling from London to Hong Kong to learn about food waste

    Forks on Wheels, also known as Bethany and Julia, completed an epic cycle journey from London to Hong Kong to learn about food waste and raise money for Feedback. Their journey was 16,000 km, took 299 days and they cycled through 22 countries: needless to say they have some great stories to tell and interesting […]

  • Pressure from the food waste movement causes supermarket giants to tackle food waste

    The British Retail Consortium recently issued a report detailing how supermarkets are addressing food waste. Feedback welcomes that supermarkets in the UK are leading the world on reducing food waste in their supply chains. However, there is more work to be done by the UK’s supermarkets, particularly when it comes to being transparent about the […]

  • Find out why Martin had 200 kilos of parsnips in his bedroom…

    Our star Gleaning Coordinator Martin delivered this amazing TEDx talk in Bath this month to over one thousand young people. Watch Martin talk us through his journey to becoming a food waste campaigner – including how he ended up picking his way through parsnips just to reach his desk. Watch Martin’s talk and share it on […]


    4th October 2016 Feedback’s Campaign and Research Manager Edd Colbert reflects on recent changes in the UK’s food waste landscape. It’s been a busy few weeks for food waste in the UK, with the publication of The Evening Standard’s investigation into supermarket waste; Sainsbury’s publishing some of its food waste data; a wealth of organisations […]

  • The Pig Idea: Common Sense in the Madness of Industrial Food Production

    With soaring meat consumption around the world, vital omega 3-rich fish stocks destined for human mouths in western Africa are being snatched by foreign food companies to feed factory-farmed animals – and ultimately the populations of wealthier countries” the Independent recently found. This finding adds a whole new dimension to the importance of the Pig […]


    This Summer, Feedback brought the Disco Soup Revolution to two amazing venues: The V&A Museum and the Skip Garden in Kings Cross. On Friday 26th August, Feedback delivered possibly the grandest Disco Soup to date at the V&A Museum. As a part of the V&A’s Friday Late series, Feedback took over the Raphael Gallery and […]

  • Evening Standard Publishes Food Waste Investigation

    19/09/2016 Supermarkets are under pressure to accelerate action to prevent good food going to waste as the Evening Standard launches a major investigation into food waste this week. Sainsbury’s is the second British supermarket to publish data on the amount of food it wastes in its stores, reporting to waste 35,832 tonnes per year. Last […]

  • Feedback call on UK Government to take action against food waste

    Feedback have submitted a response to the British Government’s Environment, Farming and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee inquiry on ‘Food Waste in England’. Read the full response here. The inquiry seeks to understand the social, economic and environmental impact of food waste at the household, retail, hospitality and local government levels. Feedback join other organisations, including […]

  • Tell American supermarkets to stop using confusing date labels that cause food waste

    In building our Feeding the 5000 campaign in the US, we developed a four-course menu of actions to take #FoodWaste #OffTheMenu. Our first course in this pledge is for simple date labels that don’t confuse people into throwing away food unnecessarily. On Monday July 18, we launched a petition to make this happen in the US, as […]

  • Tesco CEO calls on retailers to release food waste data

    In a speech yesterday at the Global Summit of the Consumer Goods Forum, Tesco CEO Dave Lewis called for other retailers to follow Tesco’s example and openly publish their food waste data. In 2013, Tesco responded to pressure by Feedback’s longstanding campaign and our direct challenge to the retailer and published third party audited figures of how much […]

  • Biogas versus Pig Feed: Let’s lay the debate to rest

    It might well make sense to turn sewage sludge or manure into energy, but using food waste to make biogas through anaerobic digestion is a different kettle of fish. In short: the energy and resources required to grow, process, package and transport food that ends up wasted can never be recovered through anaerobic digestion. The […]

  • European Parliament calls for action to tackle unfair trading practices

    More protection for farmers urged as EU resolution calls for legislation to cut down on abuse of power within the food supply chain 07/06/2016   Yesterday morning, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) sent a clear message to the EU Commission to take immediate action and enact  EU-wide legislation that protects farmers and food suppliers […]

  • Starving pigs and bankrupt farmers: how food waste can help

    Last week 400 pigs were found starved to death in the Netherlands as it appears their bankrupt farmer had given up on them. This is just one example of many, alarming animal welfare and farmer organisations alike. In the first three months of 2016 alone, five Dutch pig farmers went bankrupt, almost as much as the total […]

  • Campaign win: Tesco changes rules on Kenyan green beans to cut food waste

    After years of public campaigning and direct challenges to its practices, Tesco has announced changes to its rules on Kenyan green beans. From now on, they will stop forcing their suppliers to “top and tail” their produce. Tesco estimates that this change will save more than 135 tonnes of food waste per year. Feedback had uncovered this wasteful practice […]

  • Is a Food Waste Champion MEP really blocking legislation to prevent food waste in supply chains?

    A public outcry sparked the European Parliament to look into investigating unfair trading practices by supermarkets, whose strong market power allows them to cause farmers to waste food. The European Parliament is debating the creation of an EU-coordinated network of national enforcement authorities to prevent unfair trading practices from occuring. Disappointingly, one European Parliament member […]