About us

Feedback is a UK- and Netherlands-based environmental campaign group working for food that is good for the planet and its people. To do this we challenge power, catalyse action and empower people to achieve positive change.

We have established a strong reputation as both an expert voice and practical actor on circular food systems and are regularly called upon by businesses, governments, and civil society to provide evidence and advice on diverse issues, including food waste, industrial (animal) agriculture, aquaculture, and circular food economies.

To move towards a food system that nourishes both people and our planet will require significant changes to our food culture, the food economy and its governance. We are seeking to bring about these changes through a unique combination of campaigning and advocacy, citizen engagement and pilot programmes

Anti-Oppression Statement: Feedback is an organisation actively seeking to move through an anti-racist and anti-oppressive journey in every aspect of its work. We acknowledge that the environmental sector is less open to people from under-represented backgrounds, and we are strongly committed to identifying and correcting where we may be perpetuating patriarchal, white supremacist values and other forms of oppression in our organisational culture, partnerships, and community work.

A more sustainable food system

The food system is not delivering on today’s priorities: rather than producing healthy, secure, nutritious food for all while regenerating the natural world and mitigating global temperature rises, it is driving climate and ecological emergencies and exacerbating global injustice. To address these challenges and carry out our mission, we combine investigative research, campaigns, community outreach and on-the-ground pilot projects for a better food system.

Our network

Feedback has offices in London and the Netherlands. We have community projects in Sussex, Merseyside and Buckinghamshire as well as spreading the practice of Gleaning across the country

Sussex Surplus is a pilot social enterprise taking fresh and surplus food in danger of being wasted and transforming it into long-life products and tasty meals. It sells jars of soup wholesale to independent shops and feed the community at their weekly café in East Brighton.


Find out more here: https://www.sussexsurplus.org/


The Alchemic Kitchen is an experimental development space that takes fresh food and surplus edibles in danger of being wasted and transforms them into new products. They work with local farmers, growers and food producers; support other social enterprises and cooperatives; and work with communities to develop new skills and employment opportunities.

Find out more here: https://www.alchemickitchen.org/


Green Futures is a Buckinghamshire based project that supports the local green economy, better addresses youth unemployment and reconnects young people to land and nature. Central to the project will be the creation of a ‘Green Futures Network’ of passionate and like minded schools, youth organisations and social enterprises/ charities/ businesses in the progressive food and farming sector.

Find out more here: https://feedbackglobal.org/actionpage/greenfutures/


For other Bucks based projects click here:  https://feedbackglobal.org/campaigns/growing-food-citizens/




The Gleaning Network is a network of groups, organisations, farmers, charities and keen volunteers who are all working to reduce farm-level food waste. The

Gleaning Network exists to bring together and empower communities, enabling them to salvage surplus food left on farms; food which can then be redistributed within the local area.

Find out more here: https://gleaning.feedbackglobal.org/