The Feeding the 5000 Toolkit


The guide to organising spectacular and celebratory public events that tackle food waste has arrived!


With a huge thanks to the Rockefeller Foundation, we welcome you to the Feeding the 5000 toolkit

These resources are free to download – begin your Feeding the 5000 story now!

Whet your appetite with the intro toolkit – this covers everything involved in organising a Feeding the 5000.






Want to organise a Disco Chop, Disco Soup or other food waste fighting small scale community event? We have a toolkit to help you out!

We have created work stream specific toolkits to help with specific responsibilities and roles such as communications, food sourcing etc. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Get inspired by watching Portland’s Feeding the 5000 story!









Check out our informative webinars to help get you started!


These toolkits were made possible thanks to support from The Rockefeller Foundation

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