Who We Work With

Feedback is working in partnership with a wide range of organisations internationally, from governmental and international organisations to grassroots initiatives.

A sampling of our partners in the UK and the EU include:


A sampling of our partners in the United States include:


What our partners have said about us:

“Tristram Stuart’s personal leadership of Feeding the 5000 has done more than any other single act to create a cultural shift in the attitude to food surpluses and waste in the UK. Without these attitudinal changes we would not have broken the 10 million meals threshold or be receiving the level of support from the UK food industry that FareShare enjoys.

– Lindsay Boswell, CEO, Fareshare


“For a long time partnership was just a logo on our materials. Thankfully, through collaboration with Feedback we have learn what building true partnership means: it’s about building trust, increasing your impact and sharing responsibilities. Those are true values when you think about having an impact.”

– Adam Podhola, Zachraň jídlo, Czech Republic