Industrial Livestock Divestment: A Guide to communicating with councillors

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Find out how much your council’s pension fund invests in industrial livestock, and contact your councillor to ask them to divest, using our handy tool.

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If you get a response from your councillor, we'd really appreciate it if you could share their response with us at - this helps us keep track of which councillors are getting on board or not with the campaign so we can build a movement!

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Councillors are more likely to respond to their constituents’ voices – so if you can carry on the conversation yourself, it’s a really valuable thing to do, and we can help support you in this. However, if you don’t have time, please just let us know the name of the councillor and how they responded at and we will contact them ourselves to offer follow up information.

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Want to take the next step? Here’s our guide to the typical responses you might get from councillors, and some tips on how to respond. Feel free to copy and adapt these responses, and to contact for support.

Template responses