An apple a day keeps food waste away – FSE Network helping innovative businesses

20th Aug 15 by fb_admin

Juice CubeJuice Cube, a London-based business that makes fresh juice from surplus food collected from local vendors, was founded around the same time as the FSE Network began in 2013.

Anuj Dhanak’s, Juice Cube’s Founder and Director, urge to do good in the world became a reality when he developed a business model from an idea jotted down during a conference. With support from the University of Warwick and UnLtd Anuj’s idea for Juice Cube took off!

Shortly after the business opened they began working with the FSE Network, which shared the same vision – to refresh the food system and restructure the problem of food waste.

Collaboration with FSE Network

FSE Network supported Juice Cube’s early work by providing opportunities to network with other food surplus entrepreneurs in the UK and throughout Europe and by exposing Anuj and the rest of the team to new ideas of how to expand the scope of their business.

Anuj relates the value of this collaboration “The FSE Network, in the eyes of Juice Cube, is not only an opportunity to work with like-minded businesses and develop a stronger social infrastructure to tackle food waste, but is also an opportunity to diversify business.

“Through the FSE Network events there has been communication between businesses within Europe. This high level of networking and support allows for more opportunity, growth, and potential for diversity for businesses within the European Union.”

“FSE Network is an opportunity to work with like-minded businesses”

FSE Network provided a supportive and collaborative community at a critical moment in Juice Cube’s development as a business.

Anuj relates how this community led to partnerships with other like-minded organisations, instead of competition: “We learnt that there were more social entrepreneurs out there fighting for the same results but collaboration allowed us all to share ideas about common barriers to supply and logistics, and we began working together to find solutions.

“Although each business model and vision varied, we all shared the same principle grounded by the FSE Network – a sense of teamwork. None of us were in competition, but were instead business partners.”

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