BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal – Key Information

12th Jan 21 by Megan Romania, Fundraising Coordinator

Feedback is delighted to announce that our Gleaning Network will feature on BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeals.



Our appeal is now live – please donate to support our vital work.

Feedback is delighted to announce that our Gleaning Network has been selected for a BBC Radio 4 Charity Appeal!

Key information:

  • When? The appeal will air three times:
    • Sunday, 21 February at 7.54am
    • Sunday, 21 February at 9.25pm
    • Thursday, 25 February at 3.27pm.
  • Where? Listen live to the BBC Radio 4 (FM 92.4-94.6, LW 198) or online:
  • Who and what? Our Gleaning Network will be presented by Sheila Dillon from the BBC Food Programme
  • How? From 7.55am on 21 February to 7.55am on 28 February, supporters will be able to donate online through the BBC Radio 4 website, via phone (0800 404 8144), or via cheque, freeposted to: BBC Radio 4 Appeal (yep, that’s the whole address; please remember to write ‘Feedback’ on the envelope!)
    • Kindly note that donations cannot be accepted via the BBC Appeals team before 7.55am on the 21st or after 7.55am on the 28th

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