Big supermarkets give evidence to committee of MPs on food waste – Feedback comment

17th Jan 17 by Christina O'Sullivan

Today, the big supermarkets give evidence to MPs on their food waste. We urge MPs to ask the supermarkets the obvious question: how much food do you actually waste? How does that break down across different product groups? And how much is wasted in your supply chain?

Supermarkets like Sainsbury’s, Asda, Waitrose and Morrisons have the opportunity and responsibility to provide full, independently-audited data on their food waste, including through their supply chain. Only with this will government, campaigners and social entrepreneurs have the vital information they need to really accelerate the UK’s food waste reduction.


While Tesco leads the way by already providing this information, it now falls to them to step up to the plate to reduce their food waste across their supply chain, not just through donating food not sold in store, or through passing the buck to their customers.

Feedback asks anyone who shops at a supermarket to join us – on Twitter, Facebook, in branch or by emailing them direct – in calling out the big supermarkets on their waste agenda and ask them what they’re doing to provide full transparency – and act on it.

Our founder, Tristram Stuart, gave evidence to the committee last year, read about it here.


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