Public feasts to showcase the delicious solutions to food waste

Feeding the 5000 shines a light on the global food waste scandal, champions the delicious solutions and catalyses the global movement. To date Feedback and our partners have hosted over 50 Feeding the 5000 events around the world, where we serve up a delicious communal feast for 5000 people made entirely out of food that would otherwise have been wasted. We bring together a coalition of organisations that offer the solutions to food waste, raising the issue up the political agenda and inspiring new local initiatives.

What's the problem?

Food production is the human activity with the single biggest impact on our planet. We grow our food at huge environmental cost and then we waste around a third of all food produced around the world. Food waste represents a tragic loss of precious resources such as land and water – this is a climate change issue. Our Feeding the 5000 events have put food waste on the global agenda and highlighted that we cannot tackle climate change if we do not build a food system that nourishes the planet.


What's the solution?

No one likes to see good food going to waste, at Feeding the 5000 events the public gets to see the scale of food waste first hand and learn that the solutions are delicious. The events bring together a coalition of organisations and engage politicians at the local and national level. Feeding the 5000 creates and acts as a catalyst for change.

50 Feedback and our allies have held over 50 Feeding the 5000 events around the world.

What can you do to make a difference?

Want to organise your own event?

We have toolkits and webinars to help you - whether you plan on feeding 50 or 5000 people.

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Whet your appetite with the intro toolkit – this covers everything involved in organising a Feeding the 5000.

Want to organise a Disco Chop, Disco Soup or other food waste fighting small scale community event? We have a toolkit to help you out!

Want more? Check out our informative webinars to help get you started.