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Free Lunch for 5000 In Campaign Against Food Waste
Feeding the 5000 event – Trafalgar Square, London 
12 noon – 2.00 pm on Friday 18th November 2011

Five thousand members of the public are invited to a free hot lunch in Trafalgar Square on Friday 18 November between 12 noon and 2.00pm. All food made entirely from ingredients that would otherwise have been wasted, such as fresh but cosmetically imperfect fruit and vegetables.
Feeding the 5000 will highlight how easy it is to reduce the unimaginable levels of food waste in the UK and internationally, and how governments, businesses and individuals can help. The event is run by the Feeding the 5000 team, in partnership with FareShare, FoodCycle, Love Food Hate Waste, Friends of the Earth and supported by the Mayor of London.  
In just two hours, charities, volunteers, and the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, will serve a free lunch to 5000 members of the public.  The menu will include curry made from ‘mis-shapen’ and wonky vegetables, and a range of cooked dishes prepared live by well known chefs, including Thomasina Miers, Valentine Warner and Arthur Potts Dawson.
The public will be invited to take part in the ‘surplus apple’ pressing and to drink the free juice – with the chance to feed the apple remnants to live pigs in Trafalgar Square, as well as helping to sort through wonky vegetables for delivery to charities. Speakers at the event include the Bishop of London and Rosie Boycott, Chair of London Food.
The event urges the public to sign the Feeding the 5000 pledge calling for action from governments, retailers and food businesses: ‘I pledge to reduce my food waste and I want businesses to do the same’. Those unable to attend the event will be able to pledge through the Feeding the 5000 website (www.feeding5k.org ). Around 80 percent of consumers [1] <#_ftn1> [1]want businesses to tackle food waste: this offers an opportunity for busi

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