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Can we have our farmed salmon and eat it too? Our response to the Scottish government's report on the farmed salmon industry Read now

Uncovering the truth behind Scottish fish farming

Scottish salmon is marketed as a premium, high-quality product. The truth is Scottish fish farming is causing significant local environmental damage and has impacts around the world through the sourcing of wild fish to make farmed salmon feed.

What's the problem?

Fish farming is on the rise. In the last 40 years it has gone from providing just 5% of the world’s fish to nearly 50% and that growth shows no signs of stopping. Yet the production of farmed Scottish salmon is based upon a dramatically unsustainable method. Salmon farming relies on significant quantities of fish meal produced from wild fish to feed fish, including krill fished from the pristine Antarctic, while causing significant local pollution in some of the most dramatic and unspoilt ecosystems in the Europe in Scotland where the farms are located. On top of this the Scottish fish farming industry wasted 10 million fish in 2016.


What's the solution?

The Scottish salmon industry has radical plans for expansion – but before it can back up it’s claims to produce sustainable protein it will need to answer some serious questions. We need to radically reform the Scottish salmon industry and put an end to its worst practices and pollution


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Can we have our farmed salmon and eat it too?
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