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FLAVOUR is a bold and innovative project that aims to simultaneously tackle food waste and provide pathways to training and employment in the food and farming sector. Feedback’s Gleaning Network works with volunteers and farmers in Kent and Sussex to rescue fresh produce that would otherwise be wasted. We then transform these fruits and vegetables into a range of value-added products; thereby significantly extending the shelf-life of the original produce while exploring the market potential of new nutrient-packed fruit-and-veg based products.

What's the problem?

Food waste on farms continues to be a major environmental challenge for the agricultural sector. A key driver of this is a shortage of hands on the land to harvest horticultural crops. Meanwhile, unemployment and skill shortages are social challenges that prevent many people reaching their full potential.


What's the solution?

Through our experience hosting gleaning days on farms, we know how to provide to inclusive training opportunities for a wide-range of people. The FLAVOUR project harnesses the potential for positive social impacts of education and training to result from gleaning, preventing food waste whilst in the process creating pathways to employment. Once harvested, we turn the fresh produce into innovative and long-lasting products that demonstrate the solution to food waste is delicious.

As a 10 partner collaboration promoting social innovation across Belgium, France and England – and funded by the EU’s Interreg 2 seas program (European Regional Development Fund) – a key outcome of this work will see learning from across the region shared.

To find out more visit: https://www.interreg2seas.eu/nl/FLAVOUR


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