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We're working to ensure citizens’ voices are heard at local, regional, national, and EU levels – championing their concerns to supermarkets and policymakers

Feedback EU and partners will coordinate and work with citizens in six European countries, amplifying their voices and campaigning for their wants and needs around healthy, sustainable, and just food environments.

They will focus on raising the voices of the most affected people and areas and on mobilising local and national governments to address these needs with retailers.

Our goal is to make citizens’ voices heard at local, regional, national, and EU levels through a coordinated campaign – championing their concerns to supermarkets and policymakers. Together, we will develop a list of actions for supermarkets at local, regional, national, and European levels. This list of actions will be based on citizens’ demands and priorities, combined with our expertise on policy and corporate environments.

What's the problem?

Supermarkets dominate food environments for most European citizens, who have minimal influence in return. We aim to tackle retailers’ curation of pervasive food environments promoting unhealthy, unsustainable food consumption whilst failing to feed citizens fairly.  Shifting to healthy, more plant-based diets with ‘less and better’ animal source foods (ASF) can benefit people’s health while bringing co-benefits for the climate, environment, animal welfare, and food security. 


What's the solution?

Work to address food system change is often ‘top-down’ – NGOs advise, pressure, and persuade supermarkets and policymakers to act. By building on our existing community engagement, we plan to champion lived experiences within food systems and build a ‘bottom-up’ agenda for those in positions of power. These include low-income communities most affected by food inflation and those working in food supply chains themselves.

Feedback EU, based in the Netherlands, will coordinate the consortium of 7 partners, including Réseau Action Climat (Climate Action Network) and ALTAA in France, CECU in Spain, Terra! in Italy, Green REV Institute in Poland, and Feedback Global in the UK.


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