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M&S win 2019 Total Bull award M&S have been awarded a 'Total Bull' award for their 'Fake Loch' branding Read more

Calling out the biggest bull on your supermarket shelves

Some food marketing is Total Bull. In 2017 Feedback took on Tesco’s ‘fake farm’ meat brands – their bargain basement meat which happens to feature a nice-sounding farm name like ‘Woodside Farm’. The catch? Tesco’s ‘Woodside Farm’ doesn’t exist…

What's the problem?

Supermarkets are selling meat under fake farm names, deliberately encouraging consumers to believe that the meat is sourced from small-scale producers. We believe this is peddling a load of bull. For all shoppers know, behind the bucolic mirage could lie a high-intensity, unsustainable mega farm. Tesco are not the only supermarkets to use made up farm names in their branding. Other fake farm ranges include Asda’s ‘Farm Stores’, which features an old-fashioned barn and tractor on the label, Lidl’s ‘Birchwood Farm’ meat range (which is marketed as ‘Strathvale Farm’ in Scotland), Aldi’s ‘Ashfield Farm’ and Marks and Spencer’s ‘Oakham’ chicken.



What's the solution?

Total Bull is the campaign to shine a light on the biggest bull on our supermarket shelves. We hold food companies to account for their misleading marketing and call on them to support small farms before it’s too late. 


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Tesco wins Total Bull award for fake farm branding
Tesco wins Total Bull award for fake farm branding

Our new campaign, Total Bull, calls out the biggest bull on your…

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What can you do to make a difference?

Total Bull Award

Tesco won our first Total Bull award – watch the video to find out why.

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