Urban Harvesting

Harvesting the fruits of our local area

Hundreds of tonnes of fruit go to waste every year in London, in public parks and private gardens. We want to change that and get food citizens to access good food in their local area.

What's the problem?

Thousands of fruit trees go unharvested every year, many tree owners are not able to harvest all their fruit and there are many public fruit trees left untouched. People need to be empowered to access the good food in their local area.


What's the solution?

To create a food system that nourishes the planet, it is essential that we commit to sustainable means of sourcing food, reducing the pressures on the natural environment and combating waste. Gleaning, foraging and urban harvesting activity will form a crucial part of this, whilst also raising awareness of the food and environmental crisis that we are facing.


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What can you do to make a difference?

Are you a tree owner?

As the owner of a fruit tree in Hackney, you can choose to donate fruit to local community groups and good causes. We can bring volunteers to help harvest this fruit from the tree; alternatively, if the fruit has already been harvested, we can collect this – or direct you to a nearby drop-off point.

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