Creative ways to help us build a better food system

22nd Feb 18 by Christina O'Sullivan

There are many ways to get involved in our work.


At Feedback we are working towards creating a food system that nourishes the planet. There are many ways to get involved in our work. The artist Persi Darukhanawala  generously offered to create a piece of original work for one of our supporters – raising an incredible £700 in the process.

Persi is an award-winning artist recently described as ‘one of the most original, subtle and intelligent artists working in the UK’ (Prof. R.G. Woolf, King’s College London). Persi Darukhanawala provides a unique form of commission for his talents. Where other artists paint or create portraits, designs or objects that have a pre-existing notion or project in mind, Persi makes visual songs with a marked associative, psychological and conceptual resonance.

For Feedback, Persi created a piece of work inspired by the song Perhaps Love by John Denver. Our supporter was very happy with the artwork, and we are also pleased that it looks like a beautiful circle (just like our new model).

If you are an artist and would like to donate a piece of work to Feedback – please contact us at If you would like to donate to our work, click here.

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