Esélyt az Ételnek Budapest

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Date(s) - 04/June/2015
12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The food waste revolution went to Budapest where a coalition of 12 organisations came together to celebrate the delicious solutions to food waste. Give Food a Chance (Esélyt az Ételnek Nap Budapest) took place on the eve of World Environment Day and aimed to highlight the fact that 99% of surplus food is currently wasted in Hungary.

Give Food a Chance (Eselyt Az Etelnek) in Budapest provided an amazingly successful opportunity for Hungarians to showcase the already happening actions against the current situation in which 99% of surplus food in Hungary is wasted. The event, in addition to calling upon present actors, gained an impressive amount of media coverage, with the organising group estimating a total of 100 appearances on all big evening news channels, important radio stations, and news websites.

’A coalition of 12 organisations came together, with over two hundred volunteers being mobilised, in order to save a staggering total of two tonnes of food.

The event also triggered change towards a wider culture of reducing food waste through food redistribution in Budapest, which can be felt every day. Because of the event, a key Hungarian food bank has been able to forge a partnership with a wholesale market.

The event is also being credited as catalysing a pilot in two Tesco stores, which has plans to roll out to further Tesco’s across Budapest this year. The move towards donating fruit and vegetables, in addition to baked goods, is thought to mean a total of 100-200kg is being saved, per store, per day. The pilot having plans to roll out to further Tesco’s this year displays further how action is snowballing in Budapest.

The campaign is  carried out in the framework of the international FUSIONS project as a joint effort of the Amateur Royal Cooks, Feedback, Ministry of Agriculture, Municipality of Budapest, Food not Bombs Budapest, HUMUSZ, Culture Gorilla, Hungarian Foodbank Association, Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, Foundation of Subjective Values, Association of Conscious Customers, and WWF Hungary.