Feedback at CoP24 – what can climate policy-makers do to fix our food system?

29th Nov 18 by Jessica Sinclair Taylor

Read about Feedback's events at CoP24 - the international UN climate negotiations in Poland.

The 24th ‘Conference of the Parties’ – the UN’s yearly round of international climate negotiations – takes place this year in Katowice in Poland. Feedback are delighted to have the opportunity to be there and to trigger debate about the role our food system must play in addressing climate change to keep the planet at a liveable temperature – at or below 1.5 degrees warmer than today.

Find out about how we’ll be playing our part:

4 December | 15:00-16:00 | UK Pavilion 

Changing our food habits and empowering women and girls for a liveable climate

What do food waste prevention, a shift to plant-based diets, universal reproductive rights and empowerment for women and girls all have in common? These four interventions are all critical, though often overlooked, opportunities to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

This panel will draw on expert knowledge of effective policy interventions in four areas which have been highly ranked by Project Drawdown as part of a comprehensive plan to halt and reverse climate change.  It is striking to note that these four interventions, while often overlooked by climate policy makers, have far higher emissions reduction potential than many other, more obvious actions, such as changes in construction materials, insulation or energy efficiency. We will suggest concrete actions for government, business and civil society, including examples of success stories from the UK, most notably for food waste prevention. We will further show that these interventions deliver benefits beyond emissions reduction alone: improving health, securing livelihoods, and ensuring fair life chances for women and girls.

Chair: Carina Millstone, Executive Director – Feedback


  • Markus Ihalainen, Research and Engagement Officer, CGIAR
  • John Lotspeich, Director of External Affairs, Marie Stopes International
  • Jessica Sinclair Taylor, Head of Communications and Policy, Feedback
6 December | 14:00-16:00  | EU Pavilion

‘Meet the Experts’ session 

Come meet Feedback experts Carina Millstone and Jessica Sinclair Taylor and hear about the role halving food waste and meat consumption by 2030 can play in achieving a liveable climate.

7 December | 10:30-14:30 | EU Pavilion  – Room Vienna

Agriculture’s future, delivering net zero emissions – trade, consumption, smallholders, value chains

  • What tools and policy developments are needed to promote change & maximize opportunities for climate action in the agricultural sector?
  • What is the role of trade in delivering climate mitigation and adaptation in land-using sectors?
  • How can biomass value chains be made more resource efficient & make best use of sustainable, renewable energy?
  • What is the role of demand side measures focused on diet and behavior?
  • How can we engage the world’s farmers (including the 1.5 billion smallholders) in climate action?
  • How can synergies between climate and development pathways be maximized?

This session will explore the role of agriculture in reaching net-zero emissions globally. It will debate the key levers for a low carbon, resilient farming sector & barriers to change including presentations on both supply & demand side measures. The session will specifically address opportunities and challenges related to trade policy, engagement with producers, working with small holders & consumption.

Speakers from organisations including: IEEP, Agricord, SACAU, IFFA, IIED, SNV and Feedback among others. Read the full session summary.

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