Feedback joins with NGOs in demanding no further delays in the publication of the Farm to Fork Strategy

15th Apr 20 by Christina O'Sullivan

An open letter on the importance of publishing the Farm to Fork strategy: no further delays, keep April 2020 as publication date.

Today, feedback has joined with 39 organisations across Europe to call for an ambitious EU Farm to Fork policy to be to be published by the end of April. Read the full letter and see our reflections below;

“The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in significant food waste highlighting the systemic weaknesses of long supply chains that get funnelled through a small amount of retailers. At the same time, short supply chains and diverse agro-ecological farm models have shown their potential for zero-waste supply chains, resilience and climate change mitigation and adaptation, clearly confirming the need to push ahead with the F2F strategy as soon as possible.”

“The Covid-19 crisis starkly highlights the urgency of the F2F strategy proposal to revise the feed ban rule. Enabling the safe use of unavoidable surplus food in non-ruminant feed would support resilience in European food production as animal feed supplies become less reliant on imported protein.”




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