First Disco Veggie in Japan

21st Jul 14 by fb_admin

Feedback is super excited to have collaborated with Slow Food Youth Network Tokyo on a #DiscoVeggie to combat #Foodwaste. More than 130 kilograms of food that otherwise would have been wasted were rescued, prepared and shared among about 300 participants at Koenji Station on July 21, 2014. Over 40 volunteers and members of the public came together to wash, peel, chop and cook fresh but unwanted fruit and vegetables that would otherwise have been discarded: blemished broccoli, supersized zucchini, excess onions, peppers, celery, cucumbers, mushrooms and other top quality produce coming from local farmers. The meal was prepared and distributed for free at the sound of music provided by DJs, encouraging a dance celebration while the community worked to organize tasting activities and with excess ‘groceries’ given away to participants.

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