Food Citizens Toolkit

There has been an increase in the number of projects, groups and initiatives inspiring people to transition from a consumer to a food citizen. From activists and campaigners, through to local authorities or climate change action groups we know that food has been a focal point.

Our Food Citizens Project has inspired us through working alongside community growing projects, schools, cooking education and surplus redistribution schemes. Food Citizenship is about becoming proactive about our food; both as individuals and collectively as communities. Coming together to improve the food system and understanding the impact our dietary choices have on the climate. Action comes in many forms: from making people aware about the food they waste, the journey their food comes from to reach our plate or becoming more confident about growing your own produce!

This toolkit provides helpful documents, resources and guidance to maximise your food citizenship projects and campaigns, and the movement towards a fairer, accessible and more sustainable food system.

We hope it can help everyone evolve as a FOOD CITIZEN to THINK- CHOOSE – ACT!