Using the right image can help support the message you wish to portray, and we know this can also take up extra time you don’t always have. So we wanted to share a few keys images we have found or created that you may find helpful when you create your presentations or social media posts.

Food Growing Images

Here are a selection of food growing images taken from our food growing projects and delivery.

12 icons of Food Waste

When producing resources about reducing food waste we identified 12 icons that can be used individually or as a set. It also gives a string frame work when exploring the issue in depth.

Food Waste in the Kitchen Flyer

Sharing good practice in the kitchen is important for us ALL to make small changes that can add up. This flyer can be shared with others to see what personal difference they can make in their home.


We all have the ability to reduce our food waste.

This is why we joined with a school to create recipe cards for young people by other young people. Exploring the most common items wasted in the home.

  • Bread
  • Potato
  • Fruit & Veg
  • Eggs
  • Leftovers

These recipes create a card pack that we use for sessions to empower young people to look at alternative ways to use their food rather than waste it

Automated Presentation Video (without sound)

This animated video can be used in presentations to have as an animated backdrop whilst you talk- or you can record your message or add text as desired to get your messages across.

Animated Video Food Citizens

Dyeing with Food Waste Workshop

A great way to use your food waste. Why not watch our workshop and have a go!

Use up your

  • Tea Bags
  • Carrot Tops
  • Onion Skins  and more……..