Useful Links

We have been lucky to work with some amazing partner organisations; as well as discover many fab resources available across Buckinghamshire connected to reducing food waste and encouraging people to follow a more sustainable diet.

Here are a few you may like to check out…

Glut busting Recipes (Buckinghamshire specific)

As part of our Food Citizens project in Buckinghamshire in partnership with Empower To Cook,  we have developed a cookbook showcasing how to make the most of seasonal gluts specific to the county.

Download Recipe Book

Buckinghamshire Food Partnership

Launching in October 2021, Buckinghamshire Food Partnership aims to bring together all different elements of the food system within Bucks. From Community Food Growing to School Food Systems and Food Waste partners come together to make Bucks a better and more sustainable food place.

Bucks Food Partnership

Participation Ladder

The Ladder of Participation is focused on the active participation of young people, however it can also apply to any community interaction situation.

As Food Citizen organisations it is also helpful to assess how we are gaining feedback, opinions, suggestions and input. Whether its about design of projects, aspects of an event or food access scheme.

In planning stages it helps to think about the authentic nature of our work and be honest.

Active Participation

Gleaning Network

Communities are leading the way in gleaning food from local farms across the UK.

Gleaning offers an opportunity for straightforward environmental and social wins-  food waste on farms is reduced and supply of fresh food to those in need is increased.

Find out more about Gleaning where you are!

Good To Grow

Many of our Community Food Growing partners can be found on Good To Grow; as well as many other organisations who are keen for people to join or volunteer at their projects. From community allotments to community orchards there are a wealth of opportunities across Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Good To Grow