Gleaning Network’s Rescued over 2 Million Portions of Food Since 2012

20th Nov 15 by fb_admin

Strawberry gleaning 16A Berry Big Accomplishment

A big congratulations is in order to all those who have supported and volunteered to help our ever-expanding Gleaning Network! Since 2012 the Gleaning Network has rescued over 2 million portions of fruit and vegetable from going to waste on farmers fields.

The Gleaning Network coordinates volunteers, farmers and food redistribution charities in order to salvage the thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on farms every year across the UK and Europe, and direct this fresh, nutritious food to people in need. The Soil Association estimate that 20-40% of UK Fruit and vegetables are rejected on cosmetic grounds before they reach the consumer.

Last week, our gleaners rescued 2 tonnes of apples from going to waste on a farm in Sussex and there are more gleans planned for the wrap-up of this year. Please sign up to our gleaning list if you’d like to get involved.

An Evening of Gourmet Upcycling

The talented chef Jackson Boxer of Brunswick House prepared a very special meal on Monday evening using a host of ingredients that otherwise would have been wasted. There were loads of declious apples rescued by our Gleaning Network, as well as a fantastic pig fed on a diet of food waste. Next time someone says you can’t do something special with food waste, tell them to have a look at this fantastic menu:

waste food dinner menu

How are you with FIGures?bean counter

Feedback is hiring! If you or anyone you know is interested in joining the food waste revolution from the frontlines here at our bright Dalston office be sure to apply for one of our two roles: Financial Controller and Bookkeeper. Spread the word.


What can you do next?

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