Gleaning volunteer form

Sign up to our gleaning list to find out about gleaning days in your area, and receive occasional gleaning news from us. Witness the waste first hand, and help save tonnes of delicious fruit and vegetables for charity - join us for an idyllic day out on a farm. Join the Arable Spring! Read more on the Gleaning Network UK
  • We will not spam your phone number - this is just so we can keep in touch if you join us on a gleaning day in future. If a mobile number isn't available, please provide a landline number.
  • We usually have 1-3 week's notice of a glean happening, and will let you know if there is a glean coming up in your selected region(s). You may want to choose multiple regions if, for instance, you live in different areas of the UK at different times of year
  • Your postcode will help us link you to the closest gleaning days to you
  • We’re proud that our gleaning opportunities attract people of all ages. By answering this question, you help us ensure that we’re staying on track.
  • Is there anything else you think we should know? (e.g. will you be moving between two areas during the course of the year? Are there any local groups you are a member of that might be interested in gleaning?)