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2nd Dec 14 by fb_admin

On a chilly day in November a year ago we wrapped up warm and kicked off The Pig Idea with a feast of waste-fed pork for 1000’s. Together we reignited the debate on how we can get more food waste fed to farmed animals, keeping it where it should be – in the food chain.

9,000 pioneering people have signed our petition to get those in the business of selling food to stop throwing it away.

Can you help us make it 10,000?

Next year we’ll hand our petition directly to the biggest food businesses in Europe, putting pressure on them keep food where it should be, in the food chain. Together we can stop good food going to waste.

Please sign The Pig Idea Petition to get food producers and retailers sending more of their waste to feed animals – like you, we want food businesses to take food waste seriously.

We’re making great progress, but we need your help

In the last few months we’ve stopped more than 500 tonnes of food from going to waste each year. Working with UK charity Sustain on the brilliant FoodSave* project we’re linking up food businesses in London with local farmers hungry for feed for their even hungrier livestock.

We simply can’t keep chopping down rain forests to grow crops, that could be fed to humans, to feed animals. Feeding food waste to farmed animals makes sense on so many levels.

Right now, millions of tonnes of good food fit for animal feed, like bread-crusts from sandwich factories, brewer’s grains and nutritious whey from cheese makers, end up in bins across Europe.

Together we can stop good food going to waste. Please take two minutes to:

  1. Sign The Pig Idea petition to get food businesses sending more food waste to feed farmed animals
  2. Walk the talk, tweet the tweet – Food doesn’t belong in the bin! Sign @ThePigIdea petition to get retailers sending more food to feed farmed animals –
  3. Spread the word. Tell one person, on the bus, in the pub, at work, about The Pig Idea. One conversation can spark 1000’s more.


*FoodSave is a Greater London Authority programme delivered by the Sustainable Restaurant Association and Sustain. The programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund, London Waste and Recycling Board and the Mayor of London.

What can you do next?

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