Introducing our new Executive Director

13th Feb 17 by Jessica Sinclair Taylor

We’re delighted to announce that our new Executive Director will shortly be joining us. Carina Millstone will join the Feedback team on 20 March.

Carina replaces co-founder Niki Charalampopoulou as Executive Director, though Niki will remain with Feedback in an advisory and ambassadorial capacity. We send Niki off on her next adventures with peas, love and gratitude and we look forward to drawing on her expertise in the future.

Carina is the founder of The Orchard Project, a charity working with community groups in cities across the UK to plant and nurture community orchards. She has also worked for Environmental Resources Management, the New Economy Coalition and Changing Markets. She has been a Visiting Research Fellow at Tufts University’s Global Development and Environment Institute, and is a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute. She is the author of a forthcoming book, Frugal Value, on the role of the private sector in sustainable consumption and production.

Carina says:

‘I am delighted to be have been appointed the Executive Director of Feedback, the only global campaigning organisation dedicated to cutting out food waste at all levels of the supply chain. While agriculture continues to take a dangerous toll on our climate, biodiversity and water, a staggering one-third of food produced globally is never eaten. At Feedback, we intend to put an end to this scandal, making sure all food is nourishment rather than waste – thus improving the environmental efficiency of food production and consumption and driving the shift to a global, sustainable food system that we so urgently require.’

We can’t wait to welcome Carina to the food waste movement and look forward to updating you on our upcoming work under her leadership. You can read the full press release announcing her appointment here.

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