Our Alchemic Kitchen continues to serve the community

11th Jun 20 by Christina O'Sullivan

We will serve 3000 soups and we will serve 3000 more.

This week our Alchemic Kitchen will be delivering their 3000th portion of soup to local communities in Merseyside, providing nourishing food to people during the Covid19 crisis. All of the soups delivered have been accompanied by a freshly baked bread roll from fellow social enterprise Homebaked Anfield. Most recipes have been made with vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste, including tons of beetroot, cabbage and cauliflower which was gleaned from North West farms. Our development chef Keenan Humble has worked hard to create delicious and innovative recipes including broccoli and lemon soup and caramelised cauliflower soup. Helena Appleton, who usually manages the marketing, retail and events, has become the team’s delivery driver and can now be seen driving across Liverpool and Knowsley every Wednesday and Friday with a car full of soup and bread. Helena said

‘Whilst nothing about the past few weeks has been ideal, we have been overwhelmed by the strength of our community and the hard work that has gone into making sure that everyone is cared for.We hope to continue working with our new friends long after the current crisis’.

Over the coming weeks Alchemic Kitchen will continue to deliver soups to community partners. Even though the regulations surrounding social distancing may be relaxing, and life seems to be returning to ‘normal’, there is an ongoing need for support in the community. Alchemic Kitchen is working hard to assist Knowsley Kitchen, a new partnership working in Knowsley to improve access to fresh, nutritious food.  So far Alchemic Kitchen has facilitated the delivery of 130 packed lunches and 368 boxes containing fresh fruit, vegetables and bread to Knowsley residents. But this is just the beginning for the new venture, project manager Lucy Antal, has been developing a food vision strategy for the region to ensure that the societal benefits that have emerged from our  Covid-19 response continues in the months and years to come. Read more about our vision for the food system here: https://challenges.openideo.com/challenge/food-system-vision-prize/open-submission/a-regenerative-food-economy-for-the-uk


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