Show cauliflowers some love!

7th Mar 17 by Christina O'Sullivan

Feedback’s work was featured in the Sunday Times this week, exposing a colossal number of cauliflower going to waste on British farms. Geoff, one of our farming partners, spoke to the press about nearly a hundred thousand cauliflowers going to waste on his farm after his buyer dramatically reduced their order at the same time as a big glut occured. All because they could get cheaper produce elsewhere. Read the article here.

3 supermarket policies that cause waste to occur

  1. Supermarkets don’t market seasonal veg – instead of stressing about not having enough courgettes to sell they should be focusing on selling what’s in season to avoid massive gluts on farms
  2. Supermarkets regularly cosmetically out-grade farmer’s produce – not accepting produce that’s slightly too big etc.
  3. Supermarkets change their order at the last minute – dramatically reducing quantities from one week to the next – when they find a better deal with a different supplier

It’s time we showed cauliflowers the love by asking our supermarkets to treat farmers fairly, promote seasonal produce and by making sure caulis end up in bellies, not bins! Tweet your local supermarket, send us your cauliflower recipes and dishes. Let’s all say #cauliflowerplease!

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