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Everyone agrees that food waste is a scandal; now citizens must hold the industry accountable

8th Aug 16 by fb_admin

Hear ye, hear ye: Feedback’s Managing Director Niki Charalampopoulou is on Huffington Post’s RECLAIM front page today (8 August 2016) as a guest contributor.

Niki notes that food waste is an unusual dilemma in that there are no clear opponents of reducing food waste — and that it is for this reason that it takes a concerted effort to hold every stakeholder accountable, from policymakers to supermarkets and the greater food industry in general.

Feedback has been doing this since our founding in 2009. Niki specifically highlights the pledge we have asked people to sign this year to take #FoodWaste #OffTheMenu. Indeed, all of our campaigns centre on holding industry to account.

What can you do next?

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