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Tesco changes rules on Kenyan green beans to cut food waste

21st Apr 16 by Feedback Team

Campaigning win as Tesco improves wasteful process of 'top and tailing' green beans

After years of public campaigning and direct challenges to its practices, Tesco has announced changes to its rules on Kenyan green beans. From now on, they will stop forcing their suppliers to “top and tail” their produce. Tesco estimates that this change will save more than 135 tonnes of food waste per year. Feedback had uncovered this wasteful practice through its investigations in Kenya in 2013, the findings of which we outlined in a report that we published in 2015. Since our inception, Feedback has publicly campaigned against cosmetic specifications for produce that outgrade outrageously high percentages of nutritious crops. Tesco was no exception, and we directly challenged them to stop their wasteful “topping and tailing” practice.

In the fight to relax cosmetic standards, green beans have been a particularly potent symbol of these standards’ causal link to food waste. Supermarkets like Tesco mandated that suppliers “top and tail” their produce — the idea being to make sure all green beans were the exact same length. Unfortunately, that’s not the way green beans grow, and topping and tailing led to an estimated 30% of the crop being lost before it even arrived in the aisles of British supermarkets.

In 2014, our public campaigning led Tesco to make a change to this system, trimming only one side of the green beans. This change alone saved one supplier whom we interviewed 1/3 of her harvest. We continued working directly with Kenyan farmers over the next two years. We found that cosmetic specifications were often used by retailers and importers as a front for cancelling orders at the last minute, that over 30% of food was being rejected at farm-level, and that exporters reported nearly 50% of produce is rejected before being exported. Our work in Peru has shown similar shocking levels of supply-chain waste driven by importers and retailers’ buying practices.

After years of publicly campaigning on this issue as well as directly challenging Tesco to make this change, we celebrate Tesco’s recent buying policy change as a victory for Kenyan farmers, British consumers, and the environment. Come this May, we host major Feeding the 5000 events in New York City and Washington D.C., where we will be asking US supermarkets to follow Tesco’s lead on this issue. The goal is for retailers to relax cosmetic standards dramatically and use farms’ whole crop. Tesco says it will begin doing this: If there is a surplus, we will work with suppliers to find an outlet – for example, by connecting our growers with our fresh and frozen suppliers for it to be used in foods such as ready meals,” said Tesco Commercial Director for Fresh Food Matt Simister. This should be the norm across all retailer-supplier relationships.

We want all retailers around the world to make simple changes like this to create a more sustainable food system. At the same time, we continue fighting for more just and less wasteful supply chains worldwide. Green beans are just a start.

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Pledging Support in the Food Waste Fight

13th Nov 15 by fb_admin

Pledge Central

farmer2updateWith the release of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s second episode of the hard-hitting BBC1 documentary – Hugh’s War on Waste – UK food waste has been thrust onto the public agenda. The outcry for supermarkets to tackle the vast amount of food waste they generate is deafening. Hugh’s Pledge of Support broke the internet on Monday with well over 200,000 signatures. The Stop the Rot Campaign calling on supermarkets to commit to ambitious targets to reduce their own stores’ and their manufacturing suppliers’ food waste by 30% by 2025 is experiencing massive support with over 180,000 signatures.

Finally, the petition for Feedback’s Stop Dumping Campaign has amassed over 1 million signatures! We are calling on national leaders and ministers to:

Pass laws obliging supermarkets to donate unsold food and publish their waste data, as well as to establish authorities to investigate supermarkets’ unfair treatment of suppliers, such as dumping waste onto farmers.








Help keep this amazing momentum alive. Share these very important pledges with your family and friends:

Stop Dumping

Stop the Rot

Hugh’s Appeal

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In the News…

There have been some fantastic food waste stories in the news this week:

parsnip in armsFeedback’s Edd Colbert found a treasure trove of perfectly edible luxury food dumped outside a local Waitrose branch. You can see loads of fantastic photos and read all about the dumpster diving expedition in the Daily Mail.

In The Times this week, Feedback Founder Tristram Stuart discusses using food no longer fit for human consumption as fodder for livestock. You can read the article here: Using Pigs in the Fight Against Food Waste 

Look forward to another update next week from #fightfoodwastefriday!

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