Too big a story to keep to ourselves

4th Aug 20 by Daniel Jones

We’re sharing the world’s largest dataset of who funds factory farming.

Last month Feedback published ‘Butchering the Planet’, showing for the first time the banks, pension funds and asset managers providing financial fodder to the world’s biggest factory farming corporations.

Today, we are sharing the underlying dataset. Compiled through meticulous research by the Dutch not-for-profit Profundo from a range of financial databases,the data documents the money pouring into the world’s thirty-five biggest meat and dairy companies.

These aren’t Devonshire dairy farms, or smallholders in Somaliland with a few chickens. These are the Brazilian butchers linked again and again to Amazon deforestation and the US meatpacking giants, facing racial discrimination claims for the suffering and death of their workers made in pursuit of profit.

And we need your help in tracing their financial fodder.Whether you’re a journalist, campaigner or activist – there is a wealth of information to help you uncover the pensions telling porkies about their sustainability policies, the investors who think factory farming will be a long-termcash-cow, and the piggy banks getting greedy for industrial meat.

Find the data here and reach out at, if you’d like help in using it!

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