Total Bull

That’s Total Bull!

This Autumn, we’re calling out the biggest bull on your supermarket shelves.

Every day, big brands take you for a ride when you buy your food. Marketing is powerful and food brands know that industrial farming doesn’t sell. So instead they jazz up their cheap meat with some pretty images and nice words, and hope we’ll buy it.

Well, we’re calling bullsh*t. It isn’t enough to stick ‘farm fresh’, ‘all natural’ or a picture of a happy hen or a cute windmill on your packaging. To make real choices about our food we need real information, not the fantasies of corporate marketing teams who’ve never seen the factory farms where they source their food.

It’s #TotalBull and it’s everywhere. But we’re not buying it.

Coming soon, we’ll be unveiling our latest campaign, uncovering the biggest bull on your supermarket shelves – follow our  new campaign Facebook page to get the latest.