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27th Jun 23 by Alexandra Maruntu and Kyrel Ibrianne Sawal, Feedback Work Experience

Alexandra (7th from left) and Kyrel (8th from left) reflect on their week of work experience at Feedback.

Alexandra Maruntu and Kyrel Ibrianne Sawal of Year 10, Waterside Academy, spent a week doing work experience at Feedback’s head office. Here are their reflections.

This week has been our chance to experience what life is like in the working world. Feedback Global is an organisation that specializes in how agriculture and food effects our environment but also how this food effects our bodies in the process.

We spent some time researching their campaigns and looking through their reports and found out just how much meat makes up of our global emissions. We even got a chance to make our own campaigns for our school suggesting implementing Meatfree Mondays. We got to try make our own posts and tweets using Canva, though at first, we found it a bit hard to navigate.

Over the course of the week, we got to meet staff from all sectors of the organisation. We got to talk and ask about their journeys as well as their daily routines. It was interesting to see what office life was like by having keys, having desks, going out for lunch and interacting with co-workers.

Near the end of the week, we found out we would have the chance to go to court and excitedly agreed. Reading the briefing we realized it was very hard to follow. Ultimately, we agreed that the government should be upholding their policies regarding taking CO2 emissions into account. Surprisingly, at the court the barristers were wearing wigs which we found laughable. It was our first time entering the royal courts of justice and seeing what it’s like in court.

Overall, we enjoyed learning more about the environment and considered the next steps to take in the future. Thank you to everyone from Feedback Global for being very welcoming during this week.

Thank you Alexandra and Kyrel for all your hard work!

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