Work experience students reflect on their week at Feedback

27th Jul 23 by Joao Henrique Borges Azevedo and Daniel Fulga

Joao Henrique Borges Azevedo and Daniel Fulga reflect on their week of work experience at Feedback.

Feedback hosted Joao Henrique Borges Azevedo and Daniel Fulga of Year 10 Duke’s Academy, Tottenham for a week of work experience. Here is what they had to say about their time:

Joao Henrique Borges Azevedo:
This week in Feedback has been an unforgettable experience. I have learned very useful things, like finance, how charity campaigns work , how food waste is damaging ecosystems and climate and ecosystem…etc. I appreciate the opportunity!

Something that caught my attention and I loved learning is how sugar can affect our environment and how the fish industry in the UK is ruining our lives and harming everyone (even if not many are noticing). Also, the co-workers I got to know were very nice to me. Especially thanks to Azalea and Claire for all the lessons I learned with you.

In addition to learning about the environment, finance and many other things, we also learned about some of the different jobs around the office. My favourites were the work of Azalea (Operations Manager) and the work of Caela (Digital Campaigner).

Daniel Fulga:
I’ll start with the beginning. The whole week before work experience I felt excited and scared of the work experience which built up a bit of stress up to Sunday. I knew, however, that adults at work are very nice and helpful. My mentoring courses at LinkLaters really helped.

Anyways, the work experience week.
Day 1 (Monday) – Quite excited for work experience. Had a little trouble finding the workplace but Joao (school friend) showed me which was unexpected as I didn’t know he would be here as well for work experience. I met Azalea and she showed us the work Claire gave us which me and Joao started doing. It was really calm and relaxing in the office. Lunch passed and then we (me and Joao) had a nice conversation with Azalea about her job and other stuff. Great day.

Day 2 (Tuesday) – Got to the office and met Claire. She is a nice person. The work for that day was also quite easy and interesting, I could listen to music. At the end of the day me and Joao had been given a task to research games and artists. It was another great day.

Day 3 (Wednesday) – Another day in the office. Joao got there very early and read a book about the sugar beet campaign Feedback did. That day we both read some of the book, then we had a talk with Claire about the task she gave us as well as the sugar and other campaigns which were quite interesting to know more about. However, the part where Claire, me and Joao were talking about how to make a campaign was fairly boring and about 60% into it I started zoning out. Overall though it was another great day.

Day 4 (Thursday) – Today is my last day here in the office. I found out about working only 4 days back on Friday last week. Today we talked about funding and some examples of foundations and where money comes from. We talked about an example of how much money can be needed for a campaign as well as planning how to use that budget. This time it was interesting but I was soo surprised at how complex the planning actually is. Me and Joao gave the office colleagues some chocolate which, from their reaction, I’m sure they loved.

Overall, this was much better than my most optimistic expectations and it’s an unforgettable experience that I will only see as a happy memory of my life. I also learned more about nature, campaigns and organisations more than I did in the last 10 years of my life.

Thanks to everyone for the help and support you all gave me and I’m happy to have my work experience here.

Thank you Joao and Daniel for all your hard work!


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