Young Seeds For Your Thoughts – Towards a Just Food System

25th Nov 21 by EcoTalent

We brought a group of young people to COP26 in Glasgow to present their perspective on how to move towards a just & regenerative food system

As part of our EcoTalent project, seven young people took part in a 4 month Participatory Action Research project. Reflecting on their own lives to see where they would focus to transform the food system to be more just and regenerative. We travelled with some of them to COP26 , for them to share their perspective. Here are their reflections.

“The COP26 Climate Summit 2021 seemed to fly by. It was good to spend more time with my fellow colleagues and meet some new people. This was my first time visiting Glasgow and what a beautiful city it is. Super excited to see so many people from all over the world coming together to help solve the climate crisis – a lot progress still needs to be made.” Marlon Opigo

Presenting the ‘One Pot Community’ Manifesto

Josh presented his manifesto at COP26 – you can view it here. Here are Josh’s reflections;

“It was an amazing experience attending COP26 with the PAR Feedback group. I know that generally people were disappointed by the outcome of COP26 but it did feel empowering to be part of the discussion around the food and growing system, and at the ground level. Personally it was good for my confidence to feel I can speak out and be heard representing young people and also neurodiverse people. I liked showing my ideas for a more sustainable and fair food system, along with my colleagues. I hope that along with others saying similar things, we can make a difference.”

You can view the full presentation here, we would love to hear your thoughts!



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