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To remain dynamic, flexible and responsive, we rely on funding from you – our incr-edible supporters! We cannot rely on project funding to do all our work, nor corporate sponsorship – which on principle we will not accept.

We are grateful for any contribution you can make using the one-off donation box below. Donate today and help put a stop to global food waste.

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JOIN THE MOVEMENT: Sign the food waste pledge

You can pledge to reduce your food waste and urge businesses to do the same by signing our pledge.

If you are a business sign up to the principles of the Food Waste Pyramid.


Spread the word

Connect and talk to us on social media. Visit our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds to help spread the word on the delicious solutions to food waste.

For businesses

Sign up to the Food Waste Pyramid and reduce food waste by y avoiding unwanted surpluses, diverting surplus food to charities or livestock feed and avoiding landfill.

Create your own event

Creating your own celebratory feast is fun, easy and a great way to raise awareness of the global food waste scandal right in your own local community. Check out our toolkit for organising food waste feasts!

Come to an event near youF5K_Brighton_54

Check out our map to see what activites are happening near you and get involved in Feeding the 5000 events, gleaning days and other initiatives around the world.

Take a look our campaigns, Feeding the 5000, the Gleaning Network UK  and The Pig Idea plus our Supply Chain Research.

Become a food waste warrior 

Ask your local supermarkets, cafes and restaurants what they do with surplus food. Encourage them to make links with local food redistribution charities. Tell them about the Food Waste Pyramid and ask them to adopt it.

STOP WASTING FOOD at home! There are lots of great websites with recipes for using up leftovers like Love Food Hate Waste and BBC Good Food.