Meat Us Halfway

We ranked the top ten supermarkets based on their efforts to reduce sales of the most damaging forms of meat, and to prevent environmental destruction in their supply chain. Which supermarkets are working to Meat Us Halfway? Show me the ranking

How do the big retailers rate when it comes to halving meat?

Many people are thinking about how they can eat less and better meat as part of reducing their impact on our planet. But what are our supermarkets doing to ‘meat us halfway’? We ranked the top ten major UK supermarkets on how well they are working to reduce the impact of the meat they sell and to help shoppers switch to buying less and better meat.

What's the problem?

Raising large numbers of livestock – particularly in industrial factory farms – drives the climate emergency and damages our fragile ecosystems. Eating less meat – and ensuring meat we do buy is raised to the best standards we can afford – is a step we can all take to reduce our environmental impact.

But are our supermarkets doing their bit to meat us halfway? Many supermarkets are still failing to commit to important steps such as guaranteeing zero deforestation in their supply chains (growing animal feed such as soya is a leading cause of deforestation). And beyond a few more vegetarian and vegan options, supermarkets can do far more to make plant-based the default choice and to increase the affordability of healthy fruit and veg.


What's the solution?

Supermarkets have huge power in our food system. We need to ask them to use that power to ‘Meat Us Halfway’ by committing to halving their meat sales by 2030, and supporting their shoppers to make the shift to consuming less and better meat.

You can use your voice as a food citizen to call on your supermarket to pledge to meat you halfway, by both reducing the impact of the types of meat they do sell, and to cutting their meat sales by half overall.


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Will the supermarkets Meat Us Halfway on meat?
Will the supermarkets Meat Us Halfway on meat?

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1/3 One third of all the world's cropland is used to feed livestock

What can you do to make a difference?

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