Feedback welcomes Trump tweet announcing mass reforestation along the US-Mexico border

1st Apr 19 by Feedback

In a surprise move, President Trump announces his 'wall' along the US-Mexico border will take the form of a vast, coast to coast forest.

In a series of bizarre tweets last night, President Trump appeared to announce a bold and surprising new direction in his plans to build a wall along the border between the USA and Mexico. While the plans were previously thought to involve a solid construction made from concrete or steel, The President last night tweeted his intention that the ‘wall’ would in fact be a newly-planted forest and wildlife conservation corridor stretching the breadth of the United States.

Mr Trump’s tweet, sent at 2.03am, read: “It is time for the people of America to embrace not only our Mexican brothers and sisters, but to embrace also the glorious biodiversity of nature’s kingdom. LET’S MAKE THE ENVIRONMENT GREAT AGAIN!” A following tweet stated that the forest would be made up of seven billion trees, one for every person on the planet.

If true, the ‘wildlife wall’ would be the world’s largest afforestation project, and it is already being hailed by environmental groups as a turning point in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss. Environmental leaders expressed hopes that this move from the President indicated a turning point in the US’ climate policy, with optimism that the coast to coast conservation corridor would lead to further environmental policy to combat climate change and reengage with international climate policy.

The Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change last year published a report setting out the dangers of global leaders allowing emissions to grow to the point that global warming exceeds 1.5°C by 2100. They urged the use of mass afforestation to remove carbon from the atmosphere, alongside rapid decarbonization of the world economy. In the land and agriculture sector this will include reduced food waste and adoption of sustainable diets.

Feedback strongly welcomed the move. Executive Director Carina Millstone said:

“We welcome President Trump’s announcement of mass tree planting at the US-Mexico border: a truly promising innovation in the tradition of wildlife ‘reserves’ or ‘corridors’. The proposed wildlife wall will help turn the tide on climate change and biodiversity loss and clearly cements President Trump’s position as one of the great environmental leaders of our age. Next we hope to see him publicly declaring his adoption of a low meat diet and urging his followers to do the same. Those of us who thought Trump’s wall was a grotesque vanity project rather than a brilliant way for the President to covertly push his extraordinary environmental agenda have been well and truly fooled this 1st April.”

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