Meat and Climate Supermarket Scorecard

The Feedback 2021 Meat and Climate Supermarket Scorecard has just launched.

We investigated the top ten supermarkets in the UK to see what they were doing to reduce the environmental impact of the meat and dairy they sell. After all, supermarkets control over 90% of the groceries market so when it comes to the weekly shop, most of us have little choice over what’s on the shelves and how it got there.

Here’s how the supermarkets did.

Read the full scorecard here.

The results were disappointing. While some retailers are making progress, 8 out of 10 retailers still aren’t being transparent about the carbon footprint of the food they sell. Half of supermarkets are using misleading or meaningless labels like ‘Trusted Farms’ or made-up farm names to sell their meat. All supermarkets are selling meat linked to deforestation or degradation through the feed fed to intensively farmed chicken and pigs. So whilst each of us can choose to eat better, if the retailers aren’t doing their part we can’t solve the problem.

We decided it was time to recognise this lacklustre action from the biggest businesses in our food system.

We’re proud to present ‘The Golden Turnips’, our prizes for the most lack-lustre efforts by supermarkets to practice what they preach on climate change and get to grips with the impact of their meat and dairy.

It’s not all bad though – one supermarket, the Co-op, has been nominated for our Golden Pea award for their work to address the climate impact of the meat they sell.

Supermarkets could be doing so much more – can you send an email to the CEOs to deliver the awards and call on them to play their part in tackling climate change? 

You can choose to send any (or all!) of our awards:

Can you send an email to the CEOs to deliver the awards?​