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Bringing new talent into the environment sector.

Feedback is working with talented young people who are passionate about the environment and want to make a difference, but currently feel that working in the environmental sector is inaccessible to them because of their background or life experiences.

Simultaneously, we are forming partnerships with host organisations who wish to benefit from the energy, enthusiasm and talent that young people can bring, and from the new voices and fresh perspectives they offer.

We are bringing these two together through creating a range of quality internships paid at the Living Wage, due to commence in 2020. So, whether you are a bright young person aged 18-24 or an organisation working towards a more sustainable future – especially those working in food and/or campaigning – we want to hear from you.


What's the problem?

Our society and ecology is in the midst of an unprecedented period of crisis. We all have a part to play in holding our governments and companies to account, and we all need the environmental knowledge and empowerment to do so.

But currently climate change is only taught briefly as part of the geography and science curriculums, with little practical application. Young citizens feel anxious and disempowered: those who wish to pursue a career in campaigning or other environmental causes may find the professional sector inaccessible to them. Across the 3rd sector as a whole, unpaid internships are all too common, limiting the opportunity to only the most fortunate minority.

This has caused a severe lack of diversity in the environmental workforce, limiting the sector’s ability to reach out to and properly represent wider communities.


What's the solution?

We need to break down the barriers that restrict access to the environmental sector. We need to create opportunities that are open, on level terms, to all. This is not a problem that can be solved overnight; but we can take the first steps in demonstrating a better, more equitable approach.

We must also recognise that while all young people are affected by climate change, the starting point for each – in terms of knowledge and awareness of environmental issues and solutions – is different. At Feedback we know how powerful food can be as a tool for introducing and learning about the environment. This is why we have designed EcoTalent to be a career-focused programme centred around food.

EcoTalent is one of 31 Our Bright Future projects across the UK; each one is equpping youth to make a difference in their local community and for the environment. Our Bright Future is a £33 million programme funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Through EcoTalent, Feedback is offering a significant number of work placements with environmental organisations. Each placement lasts around 15 weeks and is paid Living Wage. Young people aged 18-24 may apply, and placements will be made with host organisations working in the nexus of food and the environment.

Placements will have either a practical or campaigning focus. Practical placements will include host organisations such as community kitchens, farms, and other growing projects – an opportunity to learn about the food system and its effect on the environment as well as the practical skills of how to provide the food of and for the future.

Campaigning placements will work with campaigning organisations to push for changes in the food system which will secure sustainable food production for now and future generations.

Our vision is for the young people who experience our placements to become the workforce for a sustainable food future and campaigners for positive social change.

Are you a young person and want to find out more? Download our infosheet

If you are 18-24 and keen to find out more about Eco Talent, you can sign up to be the first to hear about new placements here.

Or if you are an environmental organisation interested in potentially hosting an Eco Talent placement, you can read our FAQs document here. If you’d like to discuss further, please get in touch with James Turner, Eco Talent project manager:


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