Sussex Surplus

Sussex Surplus is a pilot social enterprise taking fresh and surplus food in danger of being wasted and transforming it into long-life products and tasty meals. We sell jars of soup wholesale to independent shops, feed the community at our weekly café in East Brighton each Thursday and provide catering services on request.

What's the problem?

Food waste on farms continues to be a major environmental challenge for the agricultural sector. A key driver of this is a shortage of hands on the land to harvest horticultural crops. Meanwhile, youth unemployment is rising and for many young people there are a shortage of meaningful paid opportunities to make a positive difference for the environment, particularly if they face additional barriers to the workplace such as neurodiversity or a lack of qualifications.


What's the solution?

Our Gleaning Network redistributes surplus produce from farms across Sussex  with the help of fantastic Gleaning volunteers. This produce is then donated to partner organisations in the Surplus Food Network.

We believe we can secure nutritious and delicious food for everyone in our community, without trashing our planet. In the process we want to create meaningful entry-level paid opportunities for young people facing barriers to employment.




What can you do to make a difference?

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Check out the Food Hygiene and Safety training guide

When working with surplus food, we always need to think about food hygiene safety. This is so that the people we are giving the food to have a safe and tasty product and to ensure that our organisation meet its legal requirements.

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