On World Environment Day we urge a transition to plant-rich diets

5th Jun 20 by Christina O'Sullivan

The tragic impact of Big Livestock on the Planet needs to end.

Feedback, along with a coalition of civil society organisations, is calling on UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) to further advocate for plant-rich diets and truly sustainable food systems. The dramatic impact of the industrial-livestock sector on runaway global heating, deforestation, land degradation and biodiversity loss, has been acknowledged by experts for many years and even more so recently with the massive forest fires in the Amazon, Australia, and elsewhere. Meanwhile, the current Covid-19 pandemic has shown the numerous connections between food systems and the outbreak of zoonotic diseases and how transformative change is imperative for our interactions with the non-human world. Now is the time for governments and international institutions around the world to take concrete action to help reduce meat production and consumption.

Read more about the letter here. 

You can also sign our petition asking the UK government to put sustainable food front and centre of next year’s climate negotiations, to be hosted in Glasgow.

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