The Bucks Food Revolution is here!

2nd Nov 20 by Becca Nutley, Buckinghamshire Food Citizens Coordinator

Join Feedback and friends for the Bucks Food Revolution! An online festival taking place on the 21st & 22nd November 2020.

Join Feedback and friends for the Bucks Food Revolution! An online festival taking place on the 21st & 22nd November 2020.

From Feedback’s Food Citizens in Buckinghamshire project, we bring you a programme of exciting and unusual events exploring our relationship with food, from foraging berries in the outdoors, to waste-saving tips and recipes, to a deep dive into how we can work together to protect nature and our planet. We will be hearing from local experts and enthusiasts on growing food, understanding how what you eat affects your health and well-being; as well as discussing the pitfalls of food waste and how to avoid them at home – there is even a food themed story-time session for kids! Our highlight is an online screening of David Attenborough’s new documentary ‘A Life on Our Planet’. The film provides an opportunity for us all to respond and create change in the world for our future generation: topped off with an open invite to our Q&A panel session to do just that after the screening. We are grateful to all those helping the Food Citizens project to deliver this event and we are excited about seeing you there!

All events are free, online, and you do not need to be a resident of Buckinghamshire to attend, though many of the events will have a local Bucks flavour.

Full programme

Saturday 21 November

Material Habitat: Harvesting Colour from Nature


Join Rachel Jones, an artist, gardener, researcher, and foraging enthusiast as she takes us on an engaging and informative journey into her dye garden! Be inspired to grow a seasonal palette of colour that looks as fabulous in garden, vase or on the plate as it does on cloth, wood, and other materials. Rachel will also give an insight into how the plants around you can also be used as dye; as well as creating a wealth of preserves and liquids. Sign up to join online.


Saturday 21 November

Eating with Nature


It is no great secret that eating food as close as we can to its natural source gives us the best nutritional value; as well as it using up less energy and resources. Agricultural crops have been developed for many years for taste, colour, pest resistance, uniformity, and – most significantly – high production numbers! The nutrition levels are rarely high on the tick list. On the other hand, plants growing in nature have motivation to accumulate as many nutrients as possible, give back into the soil around them and they still taste good too! Eating with Nature gives you an insight in how you can approach food production differently, how you can engage with practices that support a better food system and encourage sustainable diets. The session also includes a preserving demonstration. Sign up to join online.

Saturday 21 November

Repurposing food waste – Christmas gifts


Join Hubbub chef Mark Breen for a make-your-own food waste fighting Christmas gift with food courtesy of the Bucks community fridges. We guarantee you’ll leave with 3 ‘simple-to-source’ homemade gift ideas along with some simple ways to cut your own waste over the festive period. Sign up to join online.

Saturday 21 November

Food Tales – Children’s Story Time


Calling all children and families to join this fantastic feast of foodie tales to celebrate Bucks Food Revolution. How many stories can you think of that include food? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hansel and Gretel or James and the Giant Peach…..when you think about it there is a lot!

Lead by storyteller Terrie Howey (Red Phoenix), this food themed storytelling workshop for those primarily 6-12 years old explores scrumptious stories and culinary capers encouraging participants think about their connection with food and create their own foodie fables to share. Sign up to join online.

Saturday 21 November

Film Screening: ‘A Life On Our Planet’ & Q&A panel


David Attenborough’s Netflix documentary, ‘A Life on Our Planet’ covers many environmental themes, with a specific focus on agriculture, deforestation, energy and marine conservation. The film not only presents how all of these issues are currently contributing to climate change and biodiversity loss, but also offers solutions based around each of these issues to ensuring a safe and sustainable future for our planet and its people. The film provides an opportunity for us all to respond and create change in the world for our future generation. Join us to watch this award winning film then for a discussion with our expert panel afterwards. Sign up to join online.

Sunday 22 November

Sunday 22 November

Clearing the plate! Reducing food waste in the home


Exploring what happens with the food that isn’t eaten and how we can adapt our home life for better environmental impact. Did you know it costs more than £430,000 to dispose of food waste in Buckinghamshire each year? In this session, we will be exploring what happens with the food that isn’t eaten in the home. Sign up to join online.

Sunday 22 November

Growing in the community


Tending your garden provides the added benefits of physical exercise and mental relaxation: with the added bonus of eating fresh, seasonal and healthy food.

However, not everyone has the available space, confidence and resources to have their own garden. This is where the demand for community gardens and growing projects have risen over the last 6 months, with more people realising the inadequacies of the UK food system and the passion to become more self- sustainable.

Community gardening can bring a wide range of benefits- from connecting people with each other, to growing fresh food to enjoy. There are many schemes and projects across Bucks that welcome new visitors and Growing in the Community hopes to highlight key place that offer people a place to relax, a way to engage with nature, meet others and get active outdoors. Sign up to join online.

Sunday 22 November

EcoWise – Improving your relationship with food


Food, whether we acknowledge it or not, has a strong connection with how we navigate our own behaviours, habits, and emotional well-being. So many things drive us to eat — it’s midday and that means lunchtime, it’s midnight and that means snack time, we’re happy, we’re anxious, we’d rather not bring home leftovers, we’re too polite to say no, we’re bored, and …. hang on has someone brought in cake! Rude not to! However, food is not just a commodity, it is also a key ingredient in how we as humans can make small changes to help support the recovery of the climate crisis.

This webinar highlights the need to adapt our mind-set to create a better relationship with the food we eat, where it comes from and how our choices as a food citizen can make an impact on a better food system for the future generations to come. Sign up to join online.

Sunday 22 November

Bad Habits – Reducing Food Waste in the Kitchen


At a time when environmental issues are quickly climbing the national agenda, it’s sobering to be reminded that 7.1 million tonnes of food is wasted every year in UK homes. That’s not only a massive waste of the Earth’s resources, but a waste of money too – about £230 per person annually in the UK! We will be looking at ‘Bad Habits in the Kitchen’, where the common pitfalls occur and how can we prevent further waste through a few easy practices. We will be looking at how food storage can change the shelf life of your food, date labels and what they mean along with a few freezing hacks. Sign up to join online.

Sunday 22 November

Buckinghamshire Allotment and Gardening Open Forum


Calling all allotment holders and keen gardeners!

Join us for a Sunday evening get-together for an open forum to discuss how 2020 has impacted on your gardens and plots. Many of us have missed chatting over our crops or a chance to ask advice or share success stories; so we thought we would celebrate all things growing related over a slice of cake and a cuppa. (refreshments unfortunately can not be supplied)

Feel free to bring photos, jars of preserved goodies or ‘show and tell’ garden objects.

Hosted by Sheila Bees. Sign up to join online.

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