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Let’s take ownership of our food and how it reaches our plates

Instead of being passive consumers of food, we can take part in shaping our food system, for our health and our planet, by becoming food citizens.

What's the problem?

Supermarkets and large corporations have distorted our relationship with food. Supermarkets create an illusion of endless abundance which has led to a loss of the true value of good food. We need to reconnect with the land and where our food comes from. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as shoppers, or consumers, and see ourselves instead as active and conscientious citizens who want to be involved in building fairer and more sustainable food system


What's the solution?

Through empowering workshops and community events we champion the movement from food consumer to food citizen, pioneering social and cultural change by galvanising young people and communities into action. We need to work together to create a better food system which produces healthy food and protects the planet.


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