Food citizens

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Let’s take ownership of our food - and how it reaches our plates

We have a choice. We can be passive consumers of food – drawn in by hard sell advertising and accepting the standards that supermarkets and other big food business set. Or we can help shape the way our food is produced, and how it reaches our plates, by become active food citizens.

Feedback is trialling new ways to involve people in their food system through projects in Buckinghamshire, UK.

What's the problem?

Supermarkets and large corporations have distorted our relationship with food. Supermarkets create an illusion of endless abundance which has led to a loss of the true value of good food. We need to reconnect with the land and where our food comes from. We need to stop thinking of ourselves as shoppers, or consumers, and see ourselves instead as active and conscientious citizens who want to be involved in building fairer and more sustainable food system


What's the solution?

Through empowering workshops and community events we champion the movement from food consumer to food citizen, pioneering social and cultural change by galvanising young people and communities into action. We need to work together to create a better food system which produces healthy food and protects the planet.


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What can you do to make a difference?

Become a food citizen

Six simple steps to become a food citizen.

1. Try and eat food that is better for your health and the planet

2. Support the food economy of your region, and get involved in it

3. Be picky when shopping, avoid waste

4. Question the status quo, demand what you want from food retailers

5. Use surplus food as a way to connect with others in your community

6. Find your voice, talk to your peers, share and spread the movement

Get involved with our work – join our Gleaning Network, create a community feast and harvest the fruits of your local area.

Our work in Bucks

In Buckinghamshire we are working with local organisations to trial a new approach to helping people think and act like food citizens. That means taking a new perspective on issues like food waste and sustainable diets, such as eating more plant-based foods. We are funding local projects to:

  • Explore harvesting the fruits of urban trees in Buckinghamshire
  • Sharing allotment gluts so no fruit or veg gets left behind
  • Hosting workshops at schools and community groups
  • Supporting new food growing spaces so more people have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and taste food they’ve grown themselves
  • And much more!