Supply chain research

For years, Feedback have been investigating the supply chains of some of Europe’s largest retailers – what we’ve uncovered is shocking. We’ve met with farmers in the UK, Kenya, Peru and Guatemala who have all been forced to waste food on their farms for two major reasons.

Supermarkets dictate strict product specifications to farmers meaning that they’ll only buy fruits and vegetables that fit demanding size, shape and colour specifications – regardless of the nutrition, taste and value of the food. On top of this, last minute order cancellations by supermarkets and the businesses they are supplied by leave many farmers without any compensation and no market to sell their food to.

To make sure the stories of those most affected by unfair trading practises are listened to we teamed up with Avaaz and launched a massive petition signed by over 1 million people! We won’t stop fighting for farmers to be treated fairly.

You can find out more about our investigations and read the full Kenya report by clicking here.





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