My week at Feedback HQ

8th Nov 19 by Dhruv Patel

The first and the most important thing I learned was NOT TO WASTE FOOD.

My name is Dhruv Patel, and I completed my work experience at Feedback. This blog reflects on the amazing experience I have had during my week at Feedback.

On Monday, I started by looking at the projects that Feedback are doing. I found the project reports online on Feedback’s website. The subject that interested me the most was Food Waste. To be honest, I have previously wasted a lot of food. However working with Feedback I have learned the consequences wasting food has (such as biodiversity loss) so the first and the most important thing I learned was NOT TO WASTE FOOD.

On Tuesday, I was introduced to one of the chapters that contribute to the food citizenship project. As I learned the basic citizenship topics in Secondary School, I was proud to share my knowledge that I had in the meeting room with colleagues. As part of our project was aimed at 15-16 years old, I was able to express my opinion on what I believe my generation feels on a subject (e.g.- food opportunities and basic cooking skills). Finally I typed up the notes that were created in the meeting room, in order for my colleagues to have a  copy available online, which they can make changes to anytime via Google Docs.

On Wednesday, I began my day by helping Claire make lunch for our team. The fact that we made dal was incredibly impressive as this kind of food comes from my Indian culture. As I did not know how to make this dish, I felt proud when I had the confidence to follow a recipe. Thank you, Claire, for your guidance too 😉. At 1pm the team sat down for lunch and enjoyed the meal Claire and I made, and it was honestly an amazing atmosphere to share lunch with the whole team.  Claire gave a presentation to me about Global Warming, and I was devastated to hear about the effects and how I as an individual contribute to Global Warming. I was pleased to learn the information, so that I can make a change (e.g. consume less meat), and also spread the message to many different individuals, in order for a change to happen NOW.

I would also like to give a massive thank you to Ren, Dan and James for allowing me to be a part of the Feedback team, and for setting me tasks that I really enjoyed doing and at the same time, also learned something useful.

On Thursday, I created Instagram posts in order to raise awareness about Food Waste and meat consumption.

Today is Friday, my last day ☹.  I am sitting here writing this blog and thinking about how fast this one week has gone. It has been a pleasure working with Feedback and I am proud of myself, that I am leaving Feedback with so much useful knowledge. I would like to thank the whole team especially Claire who worked with me and made me feel that I am part of the Feedback family. May I please take this opportunity again, to say thank you for allowing me to do my work experience at Feedback, and it has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you. I hope to see you again, in the summer holidays and I hope you have enjoyed my stay here and my work.

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